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As a church our vision is to build a community of Christ followers who are
vibrant in worship, unified in purpose and influential in society.
These symbols show the four way direction of our relational values in
the church. Interpersonal, upward, outward and inward.


Worship is the highest joy of life.


Worship is more than singing a few songs, its about surrendering everything to Gods will and purpose. God is at the centre of everything we do at the Bridge and our whole motivation for life is to honour God and reveal his glory in every way we can. 


The goal of the gospel is to be like Jesus.


At the heart of discipleship is inner transformation, reflecting the nature and character of Jesus to all around us, and demonstrating his  love for every man woman and child on the planet. 



God is a missionary!


God's heart is always to reach out those who are disadvantaged or those in need. At the heart of the Bridge is a desire to bring hope, freedom and joy to all, by opening up our lives and using our resources to demonstrate his love for the world. 

We can do more together than on our own

We seek to foster a strong sense of family, which is one of the most common metaphors that Jesus used to describe the church. The word that Jesus used for church actually means community. He didn't come to set up a religious organisation but to build a kingdom 


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