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Doing life together....

We believe that Church life is more than just Sunday meetings. It is community! In Acts 2 the church was born out of small networks of people who met in homes, celebrated their faith together, shared their resources, and shared their life!!

LifeLinks seek to bring small group connectivity to the church. They are vibrant communities of people who do life together!! Lifelinks are more about creating culture than programmes; a commitment to God that follows through with a genuine concern and care for each other and those not yet part of the church.

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Each LifeLink is led by a Lifelink Pastor(s). We believe that pastoring is a function of all leaders in the church and not just the “pastor”. Lifelinks bring pastoral cover, authentic relationships and opportunity for gift ministry and service to all believers in the Bridge Church.

We suggest that you contact the office first if you wish to be part of a Lifelink. This is simply to ensure you find the right group. If you would like to join a Life-Link or want to find out more then you can contact the Bridge on 0208 505 5001


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