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Lit : \ˈrēch


To reach people with the good

news that God loves them.

Our mission can easily be summed up in these three words above: reach, restore, release.  
The 'church we see' is an attempt to paint a picture of the kind of church we want to the Bridge to be. We are not there yet by any means yet. It's not a theological or doctrinal statement but describes the culture that we are intentional about creating.
It's not intended to express so much what we believe but how we believe!

The Church we see.... non-religious, yet deeply spiritual and naturally supernatural, with one purpose, to know Jesus and make him known. large in number, yet deep in friendships, and renowned for lively Christ-centred worship and for enthusiastically proclaiming God's message of new life to the world. full of life, a vibrant and fun place to be for all ages and people groups. A warm  and friendly family atmosphere where everyone is welcomed accepted and valued. fully confident in God's ability to transform lives and restore hope and purpose to  those who have lost their way, empowering ordinary people to live extraordinary lives.


..excels in all things, has a good reputation with all people and serves the community positively through practical support and good works.


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